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How the law may impact our clients

I have been asked by the head of my marketing team to take time and provide content to the Zamary Law Firm, LLC’s blog. Unlike traditional blogs, I am not going to stay centered on one topic or area of law. My practice has evolved over the years which has led me to opening the Zamary Law Firm, LLC.

I don’t practice in just one area of law. I have experience in civil litigation involving a variety of areas involving breach of contract involving business and personal matters, represented companies and former employees regarding non-compete/non-solicitation agreements, personal injury, product liability, fiduciary litigation, handled internal family disputes, estate planning, and even helping business owners plan for their future, both professionally and personally.

I went to law school a bit of an idealist. I understood our system wasn’t perfect but it is the best on Earth. I had watched closely the OJ Simpson trials with my professors and classmates and debated the merits and intricate manner of presentation with each side’s case. When the jury determined OJ to be “not guilty” it was a statement that the State of California hadn’t met its burden of proof.

Looking back on decisions issued from the United States Supreme Court, one could argue they got “it” wrong at times. I am refraining from calling out specific decisions, but it is obvious that some contradict the thinking of today. However, at the time there were good arguments to support the position taken by the highest court in the land. It was the reality of the time, yet as opinions changed so did the interpretation of the law. This isn’t something that is just historical, it is happening today with each decision the court delivers.

The reality is this law firm is not going to be about me or just a particular area of law. It is about how the law may impact its clients. What I learned doing insurance defense is that the people who I represented often saw me as the insurance company’s hired gun. They never considered me their attorney. The cases were generally one and done. If something new came into the firm, I would pass it to the attorney who did corporate work or estate planning. I would be the originator but the relationship would pass on to others.

As I began to do more work on behalf of entrepreneurs, I realized they had more questions and issues that could be addressed on multiple fronts. I could become a trusted advisor to them on issues that impact them both professionally and personally. And, if they need someone to roll-up his sleeves and go into court and fight on their behalf, I have the experience and background to do just that.

I look forward to this new adventure and hope you stop back as I add to this blog.

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