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Small Business Litigation

Zamary Law Firm advise clients:
Don’t be afraid of the fight or of the ‘the big guy’  

The daily workplace is filled with situations that can erupt into lawsuits for small business owners.  Some characteristic ones:

  • Firing an employee,
  • Selling or buying real estate or equipment,
  • Collecting or owing debt,
  • Facing claims of discrimination or harassment,
  • Disputes over franchises, and
  • Disagreements over contracts.

When situations such as these arise, the Zamary Law Firm can offer helpful and cost-effective solutions to small businesses owners who may be frustrated with or fearful of these legal problems.

“I have years of practice handling situations like this – economically and swiftly,” said Zamary Law Firm founding partner George Zamary , who practices in the areas of corporate law, labor and employment law, general litigation, franchising and estate planning.

“We’re uniquely positioned to help small business owners with litigation. We’re very nimble – we can quickly pick up and fight  battles for small businesses up against anyone, big law firms or small.”

Mr. Zamary noted that it’s not uncommon for large companies to devote significant sums  “lawyering to death” a small company.

“Small businesses can feel squeezed by the other larger entity,” he explained – whether that is a supplier, major customer, franchise licensor or big corporation. “Their attitude can be ‘we’re bigger, we’ll impose our will’.”

Small business owners can feel intimidated or helpless in the face of such an attack or even when simply faced with litigation and all the disruption it can entail, said Mr. Zamary, who represent clients in matters ranging from simple business disputes to class action and other complex litigation.

“You’re left thinking: how can I fight this huge company or take on all this discovery?”

The small business owner suddenly fears that his hard earned capital may be used up protecting his or her own business interests.

However, the Zamary Law Firm is dedicated to helping their clients create strategies with a budget and a timetable that benefits “the little guy.”