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This website is not a “solicitation” for business as that term is defined and used in the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. Furthermore, the Zamary Law Firm does not and will not express any predetermined evaluation of the merits of any case brought to the attention of the Zamary Law Firm by anyone who visits this website online. The evaluation of a case is very fact-specific and will not be done on-line. However, anyone interested in meeting with a Zamary Law Firm attorney may do so by contacting the Firm at the Contact page of this site.

All content on the Zamary Law Firm Web site is intended to convey general information about the Firm and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to contact the Firm. This content is not offered as legal advice, legal opinion, or as a solicitation. It should not be relied upon for specific situations. All written content, articles, and/or publications found on this website are intended for general information and advertising purposes only. Legal counsel should be consulted for legal planning and advice.  Readers should not act upon any information contained in this or any other website without first consulting legal counsel about how the information may apply to their circumstances.

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The Zamary Law Firm will not form any lawyer-client relationship with any interested individual(s) until the firm has signed an engagement letter or fee agreement with them. The receipt of any information by the Firm from any interested party or the receipt of any publication-content found on this website by any interested party is not intended to create, and does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Until you have been authorized by the Firm to do so, do not disclose confidential information through e-mail to the Firm (or otherwise).

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Because the law is continuously subject to change, some content on this website may not represent the most current developments in Ohio or Kentucky law. No statement or claim is intended as a guarantee of a specific outcome or result, as the outcome of every legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of that case.

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For your convenience, this website provides links to some third-party websites. Any linked website is not under the control or supervision of Zamary Law Firm.  No responsibility is assumed by Zamary Law Firm for the contents of linked websites. The presence of a link to any third-party website does not state or imply a relationship between Zamary Law Firm and the persons or entities responsible for the content and maintenance of that website.

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Zamary Law Firm will never seek employment outside of our attorneys’ states of licensure. This website is not intended to solicit any employment that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law. All employees of Zamary Law Firm restrict their practice of law to states in which attorneys are properly licensed.


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