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Labor and Employment Law

From hiring to separation, helping you manage your most important resource

Today’s multi-faceted business world sometimes leads to legal complications that can best be solved with the expertise of the Zamary Law Firm.

Our clients range from business owners to employees, labor to management, and mid-level to senior level executives, including CEOs, both in the profit and non-profit sectors, as well as local corporations and individuals.

Business leaders commonly have to deal with employee discharge issues, contract actions regarding suppliers and/or customers, and a whole host of regulatory matters that can be raised by individuals or agencies. The Zamary Law Firm can provide expert guidance in managing these legal matters.

We have expertise in executive compensation and negotiation of executive contracts of every description ­- ­­employment, severance, deferred compensation, etc. They have successfully litigated employment issues at executive levels.

Among the cases they will handle:

  • General commercial litigation, for smaller companies and as local counsel for national firms,
  • Injunction and other equitable relief,
  • Draft and review, as well as litigation of employment contracts,
  • Litigation and enforceability of non-compete agreements,
  • Draft and review of severance agreements,
  • Litigation of wrongful termination claims,
  • Wrongful death action based upon any accident or medical malpractice,
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations for overtime.

“The Zamary Law Firm’s goal is to build an intricate knowledge of our client’s business which results in high quality and personalized legal services for our clients for many years,” states founding partner, George Zamary.